How to Share WiFi Password on Android 12

It is quite common to ask for a WiFi password when you have guests at your place. But what if you have forgotten? The question that clicks on your mind instantly is how to share WiFi password on Android. Instead of having to tell them the password, wouldn’t it be simpler just to lift your phone and let your friend scan a QR code? Google agrees, which is why QR sharing is integrated into Android 12.

There are three ways to share Wi-Fi passwords in Android 12. You can let them scan a QR code, or you can use Nearby Share. During the process, the WiFi password will be shown in text, so you can allow your friend to enter the WiFi password that way also. The process to get to the QR code ( check QR Code scanner), cleartext, and Nearby Share are all located in basically the same place, so there’s just one step to find each.

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How to share Wi-Fi credentials on Android 12

  1. Swipe down your notification panel.

  2. Click the arrow pointing to the right for the Internet.

  3. Touch the Gear icon next to the WiFi connection you are connected to. Note: You need to be connected to WiFi first to share the password.

  4. In the connection settings, click share.

  5. It’ll ask for a screen lock, scan fingerprint or face and verify it’s you.

  6. Now, you will see the QR code and also SSID and password. Your mate can scan the QR code or enter the password manually.

  7. Otherwise, tap Nearby Share to share the password.

  8. The recipient will accept the password and WiFi will be automatically connected.

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