How To Install Youtube Vanced in 2022

Youtube Vanced is the modified or modded version of the official Youtube app by Team Vanced. It has many features not available in the Youtube official app or features of Youtube premium. Youtube vanced has gained a massive user base and popularity because of its features. Google has recently succeeded in getting this popular MOD app down. But it’ll continue to work for now. I’ll show you How to Install Youtube Vanced in 2022 after the ban.

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Features of Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced has a lot of useful features that enhance the user experience without paying a buck for Youtube Premium.

AD Blocking

One of the most important features is adblocking. On Youtube’s official app, you will have to watch an ad at the start and then many in the middle of the video. But on Youtube Vanced, you enjoy ad-free videos.

Background Play

You can play your favorite music in the background without keeping your phone screen on. This is a unique feature of Vanced.

Picture in Picture Mode

You can multitask on your phone while watching videos on a small screen. This feature is not available in the official app.

Adblocking on Youtube Vanced is exceptional. You not only block ads but also sponsored messages in the video. Vanced will automatically detect and skip the sponsor messages from the videos. This is a new feature introduced by Vanced just before the ban.

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Bringing Back Dislike

Youtube recently hid the dislikes count. But Vanced brought it back.


Download required files :

Download Vanced APK

Download Vanced MicroG APK

How To Install Youtube Vanced in 2022 After Ban

Youtube Vanced has been taken down from the official website. Earlier vanced team had made a Vanced manager that made the installation process easier. But you have to do it manually now. But don’t worry ill guide you through the process.


– Android Phone
– Youtube Vanced APK
– Vanced MicroG APK

Step By Step Guide to Install Youtube Vanced


First of all, you need to download Youtube Vanced APK and Vanced MicroG APK files from the above download buttons.

Install MicroG APK

Now install the MicroG APK you have downloaded above. It will ask you to enable the option to allow Unknown sources to proceed.

Install Youtube Vanced APK

Now install the Youtube Vanced APK.

Login To Google

Open MicroG and log in to your Google account.
You have successfully installed Youtube Vanced. Enjoy.

FAQs about Youtube Vanced

How Do I Install Youtube Vanced?

Follow the guide above to install Youtube Vanced.

Why Youtube Vanced is Discontinued?

Google has forced the Vanced team to shut down or face the legal consequences.

What is Vanced MicroG?

It lets you sign in to your Google account on Youtube Vanced. It has open-source libraries of Google.

Is Youtube Vanced Safe?
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Yes, it is 100% safe

Is Youtube Vanced Free?

Yes, 100% free.

Who made Youtube Vanced?

Some XDA developers named team vanced made this project.

Is there any App like Youtube Vanced?

Yes, we now have Youtube ReVanced that works like Vanced youtube. Search our website for download

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