Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum Review – Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Robot Vacuums are smart home essentials but not everyone is interested in buying one. Although, they save you a lot of time and labor they are not a priority for many. AI smart Robot vacuum cleaners work quite efficiently these days. Who doesn’t want a clean floor returning from work? AI Robotic vacuums are not only cleaning the dust from your floor or carpet but also mopping the tile floors. Moreover, they are equipped with roller brushes for picking up pet hair and cleaning thick carpets. One such vacuum is Trifo Ollie Pet which not only cleans your floor but also picks up pet hair without getting them entangled in the brush. It also doubles as a CCTV and pet monitor when you are not at home. Ollie Pet is the best smart robot vacuum for pet hair and thick carpets and it is economical as well.

Let’s start and see if Ollie Pet can be the best option for you or not.

Buyer Guide of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Before you buy any Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you should look for the following points to determine which one is the best option for you:

Only Vacuum or Mop Combo

When buying a Robot Vacuum, you will have to decide whether you need a Vacuum Only or a vacuum and mop combo or mop only. This solely depends on your needs. Most manufacturers are now offering a Combo and I think so it’s the best option.

Suction Power

Although traditional handheld vacuums have a high suction power of even 14000Pa, Robot Vacuums only offer a maximum of 4000Pa. This is an important point when you are considering buying a Robot Vacuum. Higher the Suction power, the better the cleaning.

Pet Hair Solution

If you are a pet owner, you must check if the robot vacuum you are going to buy is best for your pet. It should pick up Pet Hair efficiently. Pet owners often complain about the smell, robot vacuums optionally have air fresher for this.

Dust Cup Capacity

Robot Vacuums are made to facilitate you. So they must have enough duct cup capacity so that you don’t need to clean them frequently.

Battery Capacity and Runtime

A Robot Vacuum should have at least 90 minutes of runtime. So that it’ll clean the floor on one charge. It should also have an auto-charge and resume function, return after charging to where it stopped, and continue. If you have a large area to be cleaned you should choose a vacuum with high runtime of at least 2 hours.

Navigation And Sensors

Robot Vacuum should navigate to all areas and corners without missing. This is achieved by sensors attached all around and by LiDar technology, 3D sensors, and TOF sensors on newer models. This helps vacuum to precisely detect furniture and obstacles and make a map while cleaning.

Easy Setup and App Integration

Most Robot Vacuums now support WiFi and easy setup via mobile app. You can remote control the vacuum and make zones, schedules and virtual walls, etc. everything from the mobile app.

Water Tank Capacity

This point is for Mop cleaners only. Look for a Robot vacuum with a reasonable water tank capacity to mop the entire floor without refill.

Noise Level

While traditional vacuums make a lot of noise, Robot vacuum cleaners don’t make so much noise and most are quiet enough not to be noticed. However, you should always check how much noise is mentioned on the specifications sheet.


The product you are going to buy must be within your budget and offer value for money.

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Are You In Hurry? Checkout Pros & Cons

Our Score
Trifo Ollie Pet
  • High Suction Power (4000Pa)
  • Pet Hair Extractor
  • Air Freshener
  • Laser Pointer
  • HD Night Vision Camera
  • TOF Sensor
  • Advanced Mapping Functions
  • No Mop

About Trifo

Trifo is a full-stack AI home robot company, founded in Silicon Valley in 2016, that offers families the optimal balance between family, work, and personal life. 80% of 50 employees have a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, with an average of 8 years of experience in the tech industry. Trifo is making some amazing gadgets at an affordable price. 

About Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum

Trifo Ollie Pet is an economical smart Robot Vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet owners. It is equipped with a roller brush like all other pet models from Trifo so you need not worry about your vacuum being clogged due to pet hair.

Moreover, it has a 1080p HD day and night vision camera that not only help it navigate but also serves as a Home Surveillance and Pet Camera. It has also a TOF sensor, an air freshener, and a laser pointer to entertain your pet. You will find more detailed information in this article.


While buying anything, the first thing to do is to look for its specifications.

Product NameTrifo Ollie Pet Edition
Suction Power4,000 Pa
Dustbin Capacity600 ml
Battery Capacity5200 mAh
Runtime120 mins
Charge Time180 mins
SensorsTOF & Camera
Noise70 dB
Price$299 (10% off with our coupon code)


Trifo Ollie Pet has a long list of useful features that I can’t skip and you will not be able to make your decision without knowing these.


3D SLAM Navigation

Trifo Ollie Pet can do precise measurements and maximum cleaning coverage because of its visual SLAM technology. As it cleans it constantly learns and improves the cleaning paths automatically and makes the best cleaning route.

You don’t need to worry about Ollie getting stuck on furniture or even on smaller objects thanks to its depth ToF sensor in one camera for obstacle avoidance. Since Ollie can identify items down to 1 inch, so you don’t need to babysit your robot vacuum anymore, while other high-end LiDAR-based robotic vacuums in the market can only detect objects around four inches.


Binocular Vision Navigation for Obstacle Avoidance

Ollie Pet is equipped with Binocular Vision and Navigation that effectively helps it to avoid obstacles. Due to its AI-based technology, it can identify people, furniture, and even small items of 1-inch height. With the help of its 1080P HDR color camera, Ollie spots movement and offers you a real-time view of your home both day and night.


AI dToF Sensor

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and exceptional depth Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors help Ollie map out your house and clean 3.3 times faster compared to regular robot vacuums. With Trifo’s over-the-air (OTA) updates and every vacuum run, Ollie picks up quickly on its surroundings and makes cleaning decisions faster and better.


Pet-Friendly Design

Ollie Pet is equipped with an exclusive pet detachable pet module that not only entertains your pet but also eliminates odors while vacuuming. It has a laser pointer to play with your pet while vacuuming. Air freshener is the exclusive feature of this vacuum not available in any other competitors as of my knowledge.

With a 1080P HD Camera, you can monitor your pet away from home and it also serves as a two-way communication to listen and talk to your pets.


Smart AI Mapping

Due to the exceptional AI learning system, Ollie can conduct mapping 3.3 times more efficiently than ordinary robot vacuums. Ollie can recognize and divide rooms automatically and you can name the rooms by yourself, i.e., “living room”, “kitchen”, etc. If you don’t want to wake your sleeping baby, just tell Ollie to avoid certain rooms by selecting No-Go zones on your floorplan map.

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Trifo Home App & Voice Control

The robot vacuum is compatible with Alexa or Google Home and can start and stop cleaning at your voice commands. You can also operate the robotic vacuum cleaner by the Trifo Home App, such as monitoring real-time cleaning/battery power/accessories status, customizing cleaning modes/schedule cleaning, and conducting manual control.


Home Surveillance

Ollie pet has a 1080P HD Camera night vision camera. It can identify obstacles in the dark and also pays attention to the potential threats to your home. Not only that, it can send you a motion alert if you have turned it on.


  Pet Hair Extractor

With the tangle-free pet hair extractor (a special brushless accessory), you will no longer worry about removing pet hairs from the brushes. The pet hair extractor allows the suction airflow to reach Ollie more easily and sucks up all hairs and dust.


Set no-go zone with virtual wall

Ollie has advanced mapping functions like designating no-go zones and virtual walls.


Carpet Detection

Ollie can recognize the carpet by an optical flow sensor at the bottom of it, and then automatically increase the suction power when cleaning carpet dust.


Laser pointer

With a detachable laser pointer, Ollie will undoubtedly become a new playmate with your pets. The laser-chase toy will satisfy the curiosity of your beloved pets and allow them to exercise effortlessly. Both you and your pets will have unprecedented fun.


Air Purifier

Eliminating odors and capturing allergens are made easy with Ollie’s built-in HEPA and activated charcoal filter. Ensuring the air in the room is fresh and clean all the time.

Inside the Box

  • Ollie Pet robot vacuum x 1
  • Charging dock x 1
  • Power adapter x 1
  • Main brush x 1
  • Pet hair extractor x 1
  • Pet Module x 1
  • User manual x 1
  • Air freshener replacements x 1 
  • Small battery for pet module x 1

Trifo Ollie Pet Design

Ollie Pet has a characteristic Trifo design we have already seen in all Trifo line-ups. It has a round design like many vacuums on the market. It is mostly made of plastic with a black matt finish so it is not a fingerprint magnet. It has a slim design just like Emma Pet so it can comfortably go underneath furniture.

On the top, you will see the copper-colored lid surrounded by matt black body, two buttons for power on/off, and home to return to the dock and Trifo labeling.

When you open the lid, you will find the dustbin, WiFi indicator, and reset button like Trifo Emma. The dust bin can be removed by pushing the button. The dust bin has a HEPA filter installed, that can be removed and washed as required.

The front bumper houses the in-depth Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensor and HD Camera. The TOF sensor with the help of Artificial intelligence (AI) enables this vacuum to quickly make a map of your house and also helps it to navigate properly even in dark or low light conditions. 1080P HD Night vision Camera helps to identify objects and avoid obstacles besides providing live video streaming and two-way communication.

On the rear, you’ll see two vents that serve as air outflow.

Now comes the bottom of the vacuum, you will see the two large wheels and a small swivel wheel, a small side brush, a large horizontal main brush, and contact points for charging similar to Emma Pet I reviewed earlier. One thing you won’t see here is the points of attachment for the mop module because it is a vacuum-only model. The main brush can be replaced with pet hair extractor.

The large main brush provides a cleaning field of 9 inches. A large brush provides efficient and quicker cleaning than a small brush. Six-claw side brush propels the dirt to the main brush to be picked up.

There are also six anti-drop sensors on the bottom to prevent it from falling from stairs.

In addition to the vacuum, we have a charging dock and an adapter. The adapter is two pins, but Trifo has sent a separate 3-pin UK adapter also, thanks to Trifo.

I can’t conclude the overview without mentioning the laser pointer. It is a PC mouse-like in shape and can be attached to the side of the vacuum. It has a laser pointer and air freshener.

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How to Setup, & App Overview

After unboxing you have to charge the vacuum to start using it. After that, you can power it on and connect to WIFi and the mobile app. Trifo has a simple app you can download from Google Play Store or iOS App Store or the Download button below:

Download Trifo Home App

The Trifo Home app will guide you through the entire process of How to connect it or you can read the user manual. There are also video guides on Trifo’s youtube channel. You can also watch video tutorials on the Trifo Youtube channel.

Through the app, you can control the Robot manually, start or stop cleaning, set scheduled cleaning, control suction power, send for charging to dock, and check for any software updates.

Unlike Emma Pet, Trifo Ollie Pet has advanced mapping functions. You can designate no-go zones, and virtual walls, rename different rooms and perform specific room or zone cleaning.

The app also provides the function to watch live with the camera installed. It also provides two-way communication. You can also set a motion detection alarm that will alert you of any intruder just like Smart surveillance cameras.


Suction power is the measure of Vaccum efficiency. Most of the Robo-vacs have a suction power of 2500 Pa maximum but others are having 4000 Pa. Trifo never compromises motor suction capacity.

Ollie Pet has the same 4000 Pa suction power as we have seen on Emma Pet. For hard floors and tiles, 2000-2500 Pa is enough. Ollie will automatically increase it to maximum when it reaches the carpet, thanks to its intelligent carpet detection mode.

I have tested Ollie Pet on hard wooden floors and thick carpets and it has not disappointed me. Navigation is way better than Emma’s mainly due to its TOF sensor and HD camera. It efficiently avoids any obstacles like toys or furniture and slows down while approaching anything. It can climb transitions of up to 2 cm so if you have a thick carpet it can easily go from floor to carpet and you don’t have to manually pick it up.

On the first run, it will take time because it is mapping your house. After that, you will not notice it going here and there. It cleans in a zig-zag fashion and does not leave any space uncleaned.

It will automatically return to the dock after cleaning for charging. If the battery is low it will return to the dock for charging and resumes cleaning where it has left.

The dustbin capacity is 600ml same as Emma pet enough for a week if you don’t live in a dusty environment. There are two filters installed, one is a HEPA filter installed on the back of the dustbin. It needs to be washed regularly for better performance. Other is an Activated Charcoal filter. Both serve to eliminate odor and capture allergens and ensure that the air is clean and fresh.

Pet Hair extractor is a really nice feature. You don’t have to deal with a lot of hair tangled in the main brush and cut with scissors. if you have pets around you must use the roller otherwise you’ll get your main brush entangled with hair.

Laser Pointer & Air Freshener

The Pet module can be installed on the side of the vacuum if you have pets. Air freshener is the feature only available in this vacuum to date. This is just a bonus feature that is not offered by any competitors.


Trifo has improved the navigation significantly on Ollie Pet. It doesn’t bump into your furniture and does not drag anything on the floor. It moves in a zig-zag manner and doesn’t leave uncleaned areas. Due to advanced mapping functions, you can clean or make virtual walls. Ollie will not let you down in navigation.

Battery Life

Ollie Pet has a 5200mAh large battery and enough to clean for 2 hours continuously. It can easily clean an area of 1100 sq meters in one charge. It can do the job in a single charge if you don’t have a large house that takes more than two hours. If it runs out of battery it will return to the dock and resumes the cleaning where it left.

After cleaning Ollie returns to the dock itself so you don’t have to pick it up and move to the dock. Make sure that the dock is not moved from its location and that there are no obstructions in between.

Final Verdict

Ollie Pet is a great option for just $300 with a lot of exciting features, this machine will not let you down. If you are looking for a smart vacuum for pet hair and thick carpets Ollie Pet is the best option for you. Trifo has just made it available on Amazon and you can buy it at an additional 10% DISCOUNT WITH THE COUPON CODE “CV23AMWG“.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner,TRIFO Ollie,Robot Vacuum 4000Pa,120min Runtime,Visual SLAM Navigation,1080P Camera Home Surveillance,AI Mapping,Obstacle Avoidance,Work with Alexa&Google Home,Ideal for Pet Hair
Smart AI Robot Vacuum cleaner for home and pet owners
Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum Review – Best Vacuum for Pet Hair
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