Direct Open FRP Guide For Samsung

In this article, I am going to share step by step guide to direct open FRP on Samsung phones running Android 12. Google FRP lock is designed to protect our phones and data from any misuse in case they are lost or stolen and someone tries to factory reset and use them, but it will become a great problem for those who couldn’t remember their Google account password. I have already shared many FRP Removal tools universal methods and many OEM-specific guides. But this particular article focuses on Direct open FRP lock without the need for a computer on Samsung phones.

Step By Step Direct Open FRP Guide For Samsung Android
Power On & Connect WiFi
First of all, power on your smartphone and start the setup process. It will ask you to connect to Wi-Fi which you cannot skip. So, connect to your Wi-Fi network.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Use Google Account instead of Confirm Pattern
As you connect to the WiFi it will start checking for updates and setting up your phone. After a few moments, you will be asked to confirm the pattern. Here you can see the option “Use my Google account instead”. Choose this option instead.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Open Talkback
After that, you will be prompted to enter your Google account, but Don’t enter it right now. Instead, go back to the first screen from where we started.
Press Side and Volume Up keys to open talkback. This will open talkback for you, if not try again.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Set up Talkback
The talkback will ask for the required permissions which you have to give to proceed.
Open Google Assistant
After you have set up Talkback, now you can use it for voice commands. Say “Google Assistant” to open it. Now we will use Google Assistant to open apps.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Open YouTube
Open YouTube from Google assistant using voice command or typing “YouTube”
Open Google Chrome
To open Chrome from YouTube, go to Youtube Settings > About > Google Privacy Policy.
This will open the Chrome browser. Accept their terms and proceed.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Open Our Website
Now you have to download some files from our website. So open “” in chrome and open this guide on your phone.
Download Package Disabler Pro & Notification Bar Settings APK
Install APK Files
After downloading is complete, try to install the downloaded APKs from the chrome download section. if failed, try at least 5 times, if not installed open the My files app and install from there. You can also use the files shortcut app but you need to install it first. To install the files shortcut, open Galaxy Store and install the files shortcut from here. You need to add your Samsung account for installing apps.
Install Downloaded APK files
Files shortcut app will open after installation. Navigate to downloaded files and install the bar settings APK and Package disabler APK you have downloaded from above.
In case, APK files are not installed, you need to follow the steps given below, otherwise continue to step 16.
Install XShare
Go back and install XShare app.
Open XShare & Grant Permissions
Open Xshare and give permissions. For this open send and receive and grant permissions. Sometimes you are stuck at this step, and permissions are not granted. To solve this follow the next step.
Solve Permission Issue
Open Phone settings > Privacy > Permission Manager > Files & Media. Touch the 3 dots in the top right corner and select show system. Now scroll down and open XShare and choose “Allow Management of all files”.
Now go back to XShare and check the permissions are granted.
Install APK Files
Now you can easily install both apps. Open the files shortcut app and install APK files.
The notification Bar app requires accessibility permission, make sure to grant it on prompt.
After installing both apps go to the next step.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Grant Permissions to Package Disabler Pro
Open phone settings > Privacy > Permission Manager > Show System > Package Disabler Pro > Allow Management of files.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Activate Package Disabler Pro
After granting permissions to Package disabler pro, turn off WiFi. Now go back and you will land on the package disabler app. Check “I Agree” and “Enable Admin” and activate it
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Activate Knox
After activating the package disabler, you need to activate Knox. Turn on WiFI and press “Agree“. It will take a few moments.
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Clear Data
When Knox is activated, you will be redirected to the screen shown below:
direct open frp samsung mobile tech 360 3
Search Samsung Setup Wizard, click on it, and clear data.
Select Home App
Touch the back button. A dialog will appear to choose the home app, select the Samsung setup wizard, and continue with the setup wizard. Skip the restore your data and finish.

Now you will land on your home screen. That’s it.

Final Words

I have given a step-by-step guide to direct open FRP on Samsung phones running Android 12. It is not tested on all models but will work for most running Android 12. I hope this guide has helped you solve your problem.

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