S Droid Toolkit For Android

S Droid Toolkit For Android

S Droid toolkit is a ultimate toolbox for android by XN [email protected] which allow user to perform all Action in Single Click, you can Complete Your Work More Easily, the Toolkit Come with A lot’s of Feature without any Limitation and More Feature Coming Soon,you can Do all Adb and fastboot actions in Single Click, unbrick your Phone, port Custom Rom, Custom Recoveries and Do more things Like Unlock, Flashing, Driver Installation, etc,

Source: XDA

1. Menu-

In the menu their are 3 Sections

  • 1st For user
  • 2nd for Dev
  • and 3rd one is to support developer


  • Window PC [32/64bit]
  • Basic guide
  • Default passwords- stupdroid
  • Latest version 2.5 Stable Download Below

User Section

1. Check Devices

To Check Devices in adb Mod, First of All Connect you phone to pc via usb, with usb debugging enabled and then type ‘a’  to check Devices Connectivity.

2. Check Devices on fastboot

In this section you can Check Devices Connectivity in fastboot mod, Connect Device in fastboot mod and then type ‘b’ to check fastboot Devices


3.Reset face lock and Pin

In this Section you can Reset Pin or passwords of Your Phone over adb, Root is Required. Connect your Phone to pc via usb or type ‘c’ to unlock any type of password.

4. Reboot Device

To reboot your phone type ‘d’ hit enter.

5.Wipe Data unlock pin Passwords

If pc not Recognize your Device in adb mod their is another way to unlock passwords by cleaning the Data,[ you may loss all of your Data]
reboot phone to bootloader and then connect to pc type ‘e’ hit enter

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6.Check hardware information

To check your Device platform etc, type ‘h’ hit enter

7.Exit fastboot

Type ‘f’ to exit From fastboot

8.Go to command Window

Type ‘g’ to open Command Window


9.Check Software Information

Type ‘s’ to check Software information

10- Reset Gmail or FRP

To Reset FRP or Google lock type ‘i’ hit Enter [ Root required ]

11.Reset Face Gesture

To reset gesture or face Lock type ‘j’

12.Reboot to Recovery

This Section is used to boot your Device into Recovery mode, Connect your Device in adb mode and then type ‘t’ to Reboot your Phone into Recovery mode.

13.Unlock Bootloader

This is a important Section for All Devices, you can unlock bootloader Easily By using this Section,
Connect your Device to PC in fastboot mod and then type ‘u’ To unlock bootloader,
Note- This will Not work on the Devices that have Special unlock Process like Xiaomi, HTC , Huawei and Moto
You can use open cmd section and then type this Code-

fastboot oem unlcok ;your key;

14.Flash boot img

Put your Stock and Custom boot image in tool Folder [ must Rename it to boot.img] and then use this Section to Flash boot.img type ‘x’ to Flash boot.img’

15.Flash Recovery img

Use This Section to Flash Recovery, Stock Custom, twrp, cwm or any, Put recovery.img in tool folder [ must rename it if custom to recovery.img] and then type ;y’ to flash Recovery

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16.Flash System img

Use this Section to Flash System img, this is same like boot.img put system image in tool folder and type  ‘v’ to flash syetem.img

17.Reboot bootloader

To boot Device into bootloader type ‘r’

18.wipe data cache over adb

Type ‘k’ to wipe data’s over adb mode.

19.Fastboot to EDL

Use this This Section to boot Xiaomi Devices into edl mod, type’9′ to boot Device into EDL,

20. Unbrick Mediatek

Use This Section to Unbrick mediatek Devices-
Extract your Mediatek Rom in tool Folder, reboot your phone to bootloader and connect to pc and then type ‘8’ to unbrick Mediatek Phone

21. Unbrick Qualcomm

Use this Section to unbrick qualcomm Devices-
Extract Qualcomm Rom in Tool Folder, Connect Device to pc in Bootloader mod and then type ‘7’ to unbrick Qualcomm Devices,

22. Unbrick SPD

Unbrick SPD Devices using this Section, your Rom must in img format if in pac extract images from it and then put images in tool folder type ’10’ unbrick SPD Devices.

23.Install Driver

Use This Section to Install Driver[adb and fastboot] by [email protected]
type ‘1’ to Install Driver Software on PC


1.image kitchen

Thanks to carliv for this amazing tool, use This Section to Port Boot and recovery images,
type ‘w’ to Run kitchen and then Follow use Instructions,

2.ROM Porter

Use this Section to Port Custom Rom, You must have Basic ideas about Custom Rom porting to Port a Rom, type ’11’ to Start ROM porter.

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3. System.new.dat to Flashable img

Use this section to convert Your System.new.dat file to Fastboot Flashable img, you can convert Recovery Rom into fastboot Rom to unbrick your Phone, type ‘q’ to start Converter

4. Unpack nb0 ROM[beta]

Use this Section to unpack Nb0 Rom From Infocus Devices, type n to start tool and then Follow Screen Instructions
5. Pack nb0 ROM [Beta]

When your Work is Finished use this tool to pack nbo Rom’s type ‘p’ to start packing Process,

6.Write IMEI on Qualcomm Devices

Use this Section to Write IMEI Number on Qualcomm Devices,[ Root is Require] Connect your Device to PC in adb Mod and then type ‘m’ hit enter your Device now rebooted in Diagnostic mod and IMEI Writter is open Let’s type IMEI Number and Click Write,
Note- if failed you must Flash modem and then Retry, Driver Must Installed otherwise it Not work, if COM is not appear in IMEI writter that Means Driver Not Installed,

3. My Section

Use this Section to Contact developer or For Donation, you can use Paypal and Paytm options.
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