Huawei Honor 5X Halogen OS 7 Android 7.1.1 Nougat Custom ROM

XOS is a new generation Android-based cutting-edge OS based on the Android Open Source Project and Code Aurora Forum releases.

What is XOS?

Halogen OS, also known as XOS is a new Android ROM which ships with the global aim to become a modular ROM which keeps as high as potentially possible operating performance on your mobile device while still maintaining a sufficient feature base of nice, small and minimal features that would not be available via any external feature base, extension, mod or plugin. We hope you have a truly halogenified experience!
Internals of XOS
At core, the ROM is composed mainly of components from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Code Aurora Forum (CAF), with extremely minor set of components from LineageOS (LaOS or LN) which have been added to source in order to allow for better cross-device compatibility.

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Other Custom ROMs For Honor 5X

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HexagonRom Nougat OFFICIAL for Honor 5X (kiwi)


Overall as a ROM, XOS is very stable. It is a clean and properly maintained ROM.
Developers made performance and stability first, features are considered an extra topping on the cake.

All Builds/Devices/Maintainers

  • Substratum Theming Support
  • Custom Button Backlight Implementation
  • Custom Lock screen Visualizer
  • SuperUser Capable
  • Various Battery Optimizations
  • Dexpreopt Enabled
  • Offline Gesture Recognition
  • Upstream Security Patches
  • Support for `addon.d` and `init.d`
  • Equipped with latest Busybox
  • Application Signature Spoofing Toggle
  • Support for 3rd Party Webviews
  • Various Kernel Optimizations
  • Support for Modern Services e.g. Google Assistant
  • Long Press Home for Assist
  • Custom Hotplugging
  • (DEV) Full KeyHandler & KeyDisabler Support
  • Enhanced Booting Speed [1]
  • System UX & Performance Optimizations [2]
  • Minor Audio Tweaks [3]
  • Enhanced Media Support [4]
  • I/O Tweaks [5]

Select Devices/Maintainer Dependent

  • KCAL Support
  • Functional Vulkan API Implementation [6]
  • OnePlus Camera
  • Alert Slider Support

[1] Performed via implementation of additional multi-threading on boot etc.
[2] Tweaked surfaceflinger, inputflinger, System Server & more…
[3] We do not ship 3rd party EQs or other crap you may sometimes find.
Our sound system is completely clean and thus provides great soundmod
support if that’s what one really wants.
[4] Enabled via FFMPEG & additional codecs.
[5] Example: Disabled Access Time
| Waste of write cycles and impacts I/O performance on random writes.
[6] Vulkan is available if the chipset/SOC’s GPU supports Vulkan.

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  • Download ROM below:

Download ROM

  • Download Gapps below:

Download Gapps

How To Install

(prerequisite installed latest TWRP 3.x Recovery)

  • Download ROM from above
  • Download OpenGApps from above
  • Take a nandroid backup
  • Full wipe and factory reset (recommended)
  • Flash ROM + OpenGApps
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy!

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Installing custom ROM is risky and may brick your device. Proceed at your own risk we are not responsible for any damages. If you have any issue comment below. If you liked this post share this on your social media accounts and follow us on social sites to stay tuned.

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