Create Your Picture Memes with These 8 Awesome Apps

Memes are fun! They make scrolling on social media entertaining. Memes deliver humor and sarcasm so well that meme creating is a real job now.
Meme creation is easy, and several apps allow you to convey your idea. To be a pro meme creator, first, you should have a great idea. Second, you need tools to create the meme. If that intimidates you, do not worry.
The latest meme apps come with templates that will inspire and encourage you to come up with your best line. For instance, check out this Pikachu meme template by InVideo.

Finding Your Ideal Meme Maker

Since there are so many meme creators, finding the right one can be challenging. To make it easy, we compiled 8 awesome apps that you can use to create and share memes with ease.

Zombodroid’s Meme Generator

To begin with, this Meme Generator offers over 600 meme templates that you can use to create your memes and jokes. Since it has a big template library, it is a popular app for meme creation.
The app allows photo uploads in jpg and png formats if you do not prefer to use the template photos. If you have a complicated meme in mind, the app allows you to add up to 10 captions.
In addition to this, spicy stickers provided by the app.


Memedroid provides tools and a large number of templates to create memes. Once you make your memes, you can then share them with the Memedroid community. Member rate memes in the feed daily and will make you famous if your meme wins.
The app is a little restrictive in its features, but the community makes up for it. The Memedroid app is available for both iOS and Android. The app discovers new memes every day for you based on your preference and usage pattern. Specialized categories like surprised Koala and Evil Toddlers are available in its library.
Furthermore, the Top Gallery showcases the best memes based on the number of votes each meme receives.

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Meme Factory

Meme Factory provides rich tools with fun effects to create your memes for social media. Its custom meme support allows you to upload pictures from your device to create memes.
If you are looking for funny or whacky themes, try the “frying your meme” template. To be popular, upload your memes to the feed. Specifically, if you get enough votes and win, your profile will get a verified badge making you a VIP user.
The app claims that it has the biggest collection of memes you can download or share. You can also convert your favorite memes into wallpapers using Meme Factory.


InVideo is a comedy app where you can scroll through memes for a laugh. You can upload pictures, use several font options, add emojis, and animate them. Have fun on InVideo, but remember that it can contain adult-themed memes and has an age recommendation of 17+.
It provides weekly polls to showcase the most popular memes in its feed. There are several good reviews on the internet about the app’s customer support. Check out invideo the versions of me and the boy’s meme on InVideo to see how creative you can get.

GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme Generator makes meme-making easy. In addition to making meme creation easy, it makes searching for memes easy too. The superior search functionality makes it easy to discover new content.
The meme library has themes ranging from funny to sober. The app is privacy conscious and will take your permission before sharing your memes.
With this app, you can see a preview of your meme as you create it. You can also move your memes to your SD card and that too without any watermarks! The app runs on Android 4.4 or higher, is free to use, and provides in-app purchases.

Meme Creator

If you are looking to create a comic out of your memes, Meme Creator is the app for you. With Meme Creator, you can choose from over 600 meme templates and over 25 fonts. You can use pictures from the picture library, or also create your list of favorite memes.
Meme Creator can convert a string of your favorite memes into a comic strip! Imagine publishing your comics. Like all popular meme creation apps, Meme Creator does not leave a watermark on your meme.

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Meme Producer

The Meme Producer app is one of the few meme-making apps that supports meme creation with many images. Meme Producer makes changing the captions easy. It takes one click to change captions.
The app also allows you to share memes with your friends through text or email. There have been comments on the app freezing at times, but that is now fixed in the latest version.

Filmora Free Meme Generator

Filmora provides a free meme maker that comes without a watermark on the memes. In addition to this, you don’t need an account and login to use the features. It’s easy to upload your images in a GIF or video format in a central location.
The drag and drop feature makes it easy to upload pictures. Filmora Meme Generator works best on black and white backgrounds with captions. Once you complete creating the meme, uploading it on social media takes only a few seconds.
You can upload your meme in various file formats like gif, jpg, png, and mp4. The best part of this app is that it’s free and does not need paid upgrades or subscriptions.

You Can Create Viral Picture Memes

To be a great meme creator, you need to be an artist with a sense of humor. Memes need to be creative and state the obvious. They have to make people laugh. But, having a creative mind and being humorous is not enough in the meme world.
To create top-notch memes that make your work popular, you need the right tools which you can download from sites like InVideo. We shared 8 amazing meme creation tools to introduce you to the most popular and easy-to-use apps.
These meme creation apps allow your creative juices to flow. Above all, they provide features like easy sharing of memes and providing visibility in their feeds.
We hope our list was useful to you. We now have only one thing to say to you. May your memes go viral!

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