Best Tools To Edit Professional Videos On Your Smartphone

In 2020, Video is fast-emerging as one of the most popular social media content formats. According to Hubspot, over 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and according to Facebook over 95% of users are more likely to share videos, as opposed to any other type of content.

Hence, influencers, businesses, and other creators of content are looking to produce videos at break-net speed, and leverage them to create buzz for their work, business, and personal branding.

The fastest way to edit a professional-looking video is to use editing software or a platform, that’s accessible from your smartphone. This lets you edit on the go, from any location, and in real-time.

You can easily access images and video clips, preview how the video looks and some tools allow you to directly upload it to your social media.

Here’s a round-up of video editing softwares that makes it look really easy.


If you’re looking to create a video from scratch, VideoCreek is a great tool to consider, because it comes with a massive collection of images, clips, and soundtracks to choose from. If you’re making a video around a theme like Halloween or a birthday, this online video editor has pre-existing templates, as well as a wide range of memes to choose from, around your favorite icons. Use the transitions and animations to add some sparkle, and captions to lend the finishing touch. VideoCreek is free to use and popular amongst editors around the world.

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This is another great tool, which lets you edit short videos, create slideshows, and also edit home movies. It has a built-in storyboard, that lets you edit, import, and trim video footage. Next, you can add effects, filters, captions, and text. The software also lets you increase and decrease the speed of each video clip, for effect. The one drawback is that the video comes with a watermark, and you can make videos of limited duration.


As the name suggests, this is a video editor with a fun vibe. It allows you to use over 30 video effects, and mix and match them in a playful way. You can create a professional-looking slideshow for work, or even a special day, and make it more exciting with soundtracks. The software allows you to quickly share your videos with friends and family, across social media platforms.


If you want to make simple yet classy videos without much investment of time and effort, Magisto is a good bet. All your videos can be made in just three simple steps. Select the images and video clips, choose a good soundtrack for the mood of the video, and finally, add a catchy title. You get a cool video with minimum work. This is perfect for special days like birthdays and office farewell parties.


A product of GoPro, Quik let’s you craft a good-looking video in just a few clicks. You can select the images and video clips on your Android phone, or social media, and leave it to the app to analyze and create a video for you. The app intuitively edits for you, and within minutes your video is ready to share! Quik also allows you to add transitions, filters, music, and captions, for the finishing touches.

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This is a full-fledged editing tool that comes with many features. For example, it has a multi tracked timeline, which enables you to drag and drop images, music, and clips. This feature is great especially when you want to make a more nuanced, edgy video, and get really creative. The best part is that you can move various elements around with your finger. You can also add transitions, text, and voice-overs, to enhance your video. KineMaster also has tools to improve video quality.


This cloud-based collaborative video editing app is especially useful when multiple editors need access to a video, especially in the context of professional use. It has some well-designed visually appealing themes that come with specific songs. Optionally, you can select your own music based on the mood and purpose of your video. Start by uploading your images and raw clips to the server, before you start editing. Once the editing is complete, one drawback is that you need to download the video to your phone and then share it on all your social platforms.

VidTrim Pro

This easy-to-use video editing app comes with many features but is not free to use. You can trim, grab frames, include effects, and play with audio. Once the video is ready, the preview makes changes, and directly uploads to all your social media. A free trial is a great idea before purchasing it.


This is a slick editing app that allows you to do multiple things to give your video a finished, creative look. You can cut, edit, further trim, and add music. You can also add captions, effects, and frames. Some of the traditional editing effects like fade in and fade out, as well as slow or fast motion, are possible. You can also create slideshows with music and special effects. Last but not the least, you can convert your videos into the mp3 format, for free.

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Adobe Premiere Clip

This free video editor empowers you to quickly whip up good quality videos, with a few steps. It has several tools that let you add effects and music, and it auto-edits once you select the images. Once the video is ready, it allows you to natively upload to your social media. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, you can also edit the video further, on your PC or Mac, to give it a more polished look.

Post Videos On The Go

Video editing apps are gaining popularity for making editing an accessible, easy process, for both amateur and professional video makers. You can experiment with various video makers, and use different ones based on whether it is for professional, or personal use. Keep experimenting, leverage the in-built tutorials to learn more, and be sure to take feedback from your social media followers, seriously you can check here and learn more .

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