Samsung Bloatware List

When you purchase a new Samsung phone, you may notice that it comes with a variety of pre-installed applications. These apps, commonly referred to as “bloatware,” can take up storage space and may not be essential to your needs. If you are looking to remove Bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy device but don’t know which apps are safe to remove and which are not then you can have a look at this list of all bloatware.

Samsung Bloatware List

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common pre-installed apps you may find on Samsung devices: | Default Printing Service | Bookmark Provider | Web Browser | Calendar app | Cell broadcasting | Chrome Browser | Stock Clock app | Screensaver app | Screensaver app | Android Easter Egg | SOS Calling | OK Google | MMS app | MMS | Printing service | Checks APK files | SIM Tool-kit | Live wallpaper | Wallpaper backup feature | Wallpaper cropping feature | VPN Dialog

Google Bloatware on Samsung Devices | Google Docs | Google Maps | Google Photos | Google Duo | Digital Wellbeing | Feedback app | Gmail | Google Quick Search | Gboard | Talkback feature | Google Play Music | Mobile Printing | Calendar Sync | Text-to-speech | Google Play Movies & TV | Youtube | AR Lens

Samsung Bixby Bloatware

After disabling Samsung Bixby, you can easily remap the power-cum-Bixby button on your Samsung using a button remapper app from the Play Store. | Bixby homepage launcher | Bixby Routines | Bixby features | Bixby Vision | Bixby Voice | Bixby debug app | Bixby Vision

ANT+ Service Apps

The following apps are related to Bluetooth services and accessories like watches, fitness tracking, etc.

com.dsi.ant.server (sensitive: may cause bootloop on some devices)

General System Bloatware on Samsung | Message app | One hand mode | Samsung Car Mode | Homescreen widget | Samsung Internet | Galaxy Friends | Samsung Smart Switch | Galaxy Watch | Samsung Weather | What's New | Samsung Shop | Voice Recorder | Smart Things | Samsung Members | Samsung Calculator | Samsung Split Sound Service
com.mobeam.barcodeService | Barcode scanner | Samsung Wallpapers | Samsung Cloud | Galaxy Note series bloat | Mobile Universal Switch |  VisionCloudAgent | Bixby Vision | Finance widget | Sports widget | Samsung Story Video Editor | Saftey Information | Samsung StoryService (Tracks device activity) | Air command (Note series bloat) | Always on Display | Samsung Dex | AR Doodle | Samsung Voice Input | User tracking app (sensitive) | Samsung Email
com.wsomacp | Samsung Email

Samsung Pay & Samsung Pass | Samsung Auto fill | Samsung Authentication | Samsung Pass | Samsung Pay (sensitive) | Samsung Pay Framework (sensitive)

Recreational Apps | Flipboard app | Digital wellbeing | Dual Messenger | Live Message (Note series bloat)

Samsung AR Emoji | AR Emoji | Stickers for AR Emoji app | Emoji updater

Samsung Sticker Center

Deleting the following apps might throw a force close error while using the device camera, so be careful.

Facebook Bloatware


Printing Service Components

Samsung Game Launcher & Settings

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Kids Mode | Camera stickers | Kids Home launcher

Samsung LED Cover

Edge Display | Edge panel plugin for contacts | Edge panel plugin for Samsung Internet | App panel plugin for Edge display

Samsung Dex

Verizon Bloatware List

com.vcast.mediamanager | Verizon Cloud
com.vzw.hss.myverizon | My Verizon | Digital Secure
com.motricity.verizon.ssodownloadable | Verizon Login | Verizon Tones | Visual Voicemail
com.vznavigator.[You_Model_Here]| VZ Navigator

AT&T Bloatware List

com.att.dh | Device Help | DIRECTV Remote App | AT&T TV | Samsung AT&T Visual Voicemail
com.att.myWireless | myAT&T | AT&T ProTech | AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

Miscellaneous Samsung Bloatware List

Below are some more system apps found on the AT&T Galaxy S20. You can find most of these apps on the other US variants of the Galaxy S10, and Note 10 as well.
com.drivemode | CNN Mobile | Bleacher Report
com.foxnextgames.m3 | Audible | Microsoft OneDrive


Samsung like other manufacturers preinstall bloatware whether you need it or not. This complete bloatware list will help you know which apps can be removed without bricking your phone.

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