Huawei Mobile Doctor Tool To Repair Data Card

Huawei Mobile Doctor Tool To Repair Data Card

Huawei Mobile Doctor is a great tool made by the Huawei company itself. It can diagnose and repair the common issues which users encounter when they are using Huawei data-card. It supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems. But can also be used on Windows 8.

Features of Huawei Mobile Doctor Tool

Huawei Mobile Doctor Tool can be helpful in the following issues:

  • The dashboard cannot detect the device (e.g. Autorun feature is disabled; Driver is removed).
  • SIM card is not inserted in Datacard properly.
  • The device band is incorrect.
  • Dashboard’s dial profile is not the default one.
  • Check network card status.


You can download the Huawei Mobile Doctor tool from the download button below:

Download Now

How to Use Huawei Mobile Doctor Tool

  • Download the exe file from above download section
  • Install Huawei Mobile Doctor Tool you downloaded in the last step
  • After installation, Run the software, the diagnosis process will start, diagnosis result will be shown on the right side.
Huawei Mobile Doctor tool


  • Click on the Repair button to start repairing.


Huawei Mobile Doctor tool
  • After a few minutes, repair process will be finished and results will be shown.
Huawei Mobile Doctor tool
Note: To run it you are required to run it with administrator privilege. If you are not an admin user, Mobile Doctor will pop up a dialog:
Huawei Mobile Doctor tool

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