Huawei CDMA Unlock App | Huawei SIM/Network Unlock APK

Huawei CDMA Unlock App | Huawei SIM/Network Unlock APK

The “Huawei CDMA Unlock” app was specifically designed and created to unlock SIM on any Huawei phone model.

Our app is not hacking your phone in order to unlock it. Also it is not requiring special actions (like rooting the handset) that can void your warranty. We are using only the manufacturer recommended routines for your specific model to unlock the phones with genuine codes. This is a professional service and the very same mechanics & codes are used by the carriers or any third-party certified phone service centre.

On the manufacturing time, one set of codes is uniquely associated to each IMEI by the maker. These codes are stored in a database and distributed by the carriers and third-party professional services like ours.

There are no technical skills or any hardware involved in the process (e.g. cables, computers, other equipment). You only need a SIM card of a different carrier. The unlocking procedure is taking only a few minutes and it can be performed anywhere (local or abroad) with or without access to the original carrier signal.

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Disclaimer: We haven’t testes this app on every Huawei phone, so we can’t guarantee that it will work on your phone, but you can try this because their is no risk in that.

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