How to Disable WhatsApp Status feature on Any Android Phone

There are two methods to disable the WhatsApp latest status tab feature. One is without installing any app and the other is by installing the WA tweaks app. But both of them require a Rooted device.


Disable Whatsapp Status Feature Without Any App

This workaround to get the old WhatsApp status back requires a rooted Android device. Also, it’s important to note that I tried this method on WhatsApp v2.21 and it worked out perfectly. You can check out your WhatsApp version in WhatsApp Settings->About and help->About. If you have a different WhatsApp version, you can still try out the process but if it does not work out. Or you can download WhatsApp APK here.

So, if you are all set, you’ll need a file manager app that includes support for root access. I’m using the ES File Explorer but you can use the file manager of your choice. Now that you have the file manager installed, here are the steps to rollback to the old WhatsApp status:

  • First, head to Settings->Apps->WhatsApp and tap on “Force Stop“.
  • Then, head to ES File Explorer or the file manager you are using and enable “Root Explorer”. In ES File Explorer, you will find it in the left sidebar. The app may ask you to select the appropriate permissions for the Root Explorer, choose “RW” for everything.
  • Once done, open up device files. In ES File Explorer, you can tap on “Local” in the sidebar and then, tap on “Device“. When the “Device” folder opens up, head to data->data->com.WhatsApp->shared_prefs folder.
  • In the “shared_prefs” folder, tap on the “com.whatsapp_preferences.xml” file to open it up. You’ll be asked to choose the editor to open the file. You can choose “ES Note Editor” or the text editor that comes with the file manager you are using. When the file opens up, hit the three-dot menu button and tap on the “Edit” option.
  • In the “com.whatsapp_preferences.xml” file, you have to locate the text that says “status mode” value=”1″. When you find it, you just have to change the “1” to “0”. Do make sure to not edit anything else. Once done, save the XML file.
  • Once done, just open WhatsApp and the Status tab will be gone. You will find the Calls, Chats, and Contacts tab, just like you want it. You will also find the “Status” option in the menu and you can just tap on it and set the same old text status in WhatsApp.
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There is some requirement for turning off the new WhatsApp status feature, and These are mentioned below.

  1. Root requirementRoot your phone from here
  2. Download the latest WA Tweaks
  3. Android 4.0+


  • First of all download the Wa Tweaks latest application from here.
  • Now install it on your smartphone and make sure your Android OS must be above 4.0X.
  • If you are installing APK the first time then you may see unknown sources error
  • Simply go to your settings and turn on the unknown sources
  • After this, install a tweaks app
  • Firstly you need to force stop of WhatsApp. Go to your phone settings>> App Settings>>whatsapp app>>Force stop
  • Now Open the WA Tweaks app, there you will see “Enable new home UI ” Disable it by turn off
  • Just open your WhatsApp app and check it
  • Finally, you have removed the annoying WhatsApp status bar from your Android device.
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