Rogue Blast Galaxia: Roguelite Survivor APK Download

Rogue Blast Galaxia: Roguelite Survivor APK Download

Description of Rogue Blast Galaxia: Roguelite Survivor

Rogue Blast Galaxia: Roguelite Survivor APK Download

Battle through the stars, upgrade your ship and choose your path through space to survive the alien invasion that’s taking over the galaxy!


– 2D space shooter fast action combat with 360 degree movement and aiming and twin stick controls
– Progress through stages of procedurally generated systems battling against waves of multiple different factions and sci fi aliens
– Collect resources and craft items to help you in combat – use missiles, mines, shields, drones, turrets, cloaking technology and more
– Gain experience to level up your ship, upgrade your attributes and unlock new skills
– Dock with friendly space stations to purchase new ships and equipment and sell your loot
– Rescue friendly ships and have them join you on your journey
– Challenging space action shooter combat with 3 difficulty settings
– Roguelite / Roguelike gameplay – on each run if you are destroyed you will lose your items and zone progress but retain your ships, tokens, attributes and skill progress for the next run
– Explore the universe and planets with gameplay inspired by roguelite space games such as FTL and Everspace, and open world space games such as Freelancer

How to play:

It is recommended to play the (optional) tutorial which will quickly teach you the basics.

The following are some basic hints:

– Use the left touch pad to move your ship, and the right touch pad to shoot
– Use the galaxy map to travel to the next area in the zone
– Keep track of your fuel – running out will put you into great difficulty!
– Maintain enough energy to power your lasers and shields
– Be on the lookout for stores to trade your items
– Use materials that you find to craft items (such as fuel or nanobots)
– Some materials can only be found from asteroids, while others can only be found from ships you have destroyed or other sources
– Try not to get caught in the ‘Warning’ zone in the galaxy map, you may not be able to escape!

Please visit the Discord for discussion, suggestions and full details on version changes!
– Replaced extra lives ad option on defeat with extra +50% ship tokens reward
– Increased base ship token reward on game completion by +50%
– Added max stage indicator to UI
– Added UI description for difficulty settings on title screen
– Balance and cost tweaks
– Bug fixes and library updates

App Information of Rogue Blast Galaxia: Roguelite Survivor

App Name Rogue Blast Galaxia: Roguelite Survivor vVaries with device
Genre Action, Games
SizeVaries with device
Latest VersionVaries with device
UpdateNovember 8, 2021
Package Nameroguelite.roguelite
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