Applause: Sound effect APK 1.4 Download

Applause: Sound effect APK 1.4 Download

Description of Applause: Sound effect

Applause: Sound effect APK 1.4 Download

Applauding your loved ones just got way more fun with our newest app Applause. You can now applaud as if the whole concert hall were behind you,cheering, clapping & whistling, just by using your phone to clap in a intuitive & easy to do clapping gesture.

You are at your kids sports game, sitting on the sidelines with a handful of other parents watching your kids play & your kids team scores. Applaud them as if the whole sports stadium were behind you, cheering, clapping & whistling with Applause sound app.

Your child just put in a lot of effort to play that piece of music, & you create an applause as if a packed concert hall was behind you, giving a standing ovation with the Applause sound app. Your child’s face lights up with a huge smile at such appreciation. It is the best feeling in the world to see your baby smile. Your child says you are the coolest Dad or Mom in the world, with the coolest phone.

At office your team just gave a wonderful presentation, get brownie points as a manager for applauding them as if a jam packed auditorium was behind you clapping & cheering with the Applause sound app. Watch their faces deepen in appreciation for having such a fun loving boss.

At the family dinner, your Mom made a lip-smacking feast. Pull out your phones & give her a standing ovation as appreciation for having cooked such a great dinner with the Applause sound app.

Many a times in a meeting room or auditorium, we find ourselves phone in one hand unable to clap because of the phone. But with the ‘Applause’ app your phone turns into a powerful tool to applaud someone. You will make way better thundering applause, than you could have done on your own, with your two hands. Just remember to turn up your phone speakers to max volume.

Applaud Healthcare Workers.

1.When you clap, the applause sound will play as long as you keep clapping. If you stop clapping the sound also stops immediately.
2. Clap as fast as possible to get the best results with Applause app.

1. Works even when your phone is locked & the display is off. So no more unlocking your phone, searching for a app, launching it & then finding that play button just for a sound effect. Just pick up the phone & clap normally with phone in hand & the app plays the applause sound effect for you.

2. Select from multiple applause sound effects that sound amazing.

3. Runs on very little battery juice even though the service keeps running in the background waiting for you to do the clap gesture anytime you want, 24×7. You won’t find it in the list of battery draining apps ‘ever’. That’s a promise.

4.Its FREE!. You get to use the applause sound gesture for free.

5. You can also make it work if your phone is on the table & you have only one hand to clap. Ever heard of the Zen Koan ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’. The answer is ‘thunderous applause’ baby! Now the Zen riddle is solved for eternity.

The app makes use of the proximity sensor on your phone to detect that you are clapping. This is the sensor which helps turn off the phone’s display when you are on a call & place the phone to your ear.

When you clap, make sure that you are touching the proximity sensor which is usually placed on the top edge of your smartphone. Some phones might have it placed at some other position under the display, please find out the position of the proximity sensor on your phone if the app doesn’t seem to work out of the box.

1. Check that a proximity sensor is present & working
2. Make sure you are clapping fast.
3. Keep clapping till you want the applause sound effect to play.

App Information of Applause: Sound effect

App Name Applause: Sound effect v1.4
Genre Apps, Tools
Latest Version1.4
UpdateMarch 16, 2022
Package Namecom.meditaide.applause

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