Xiaomi Introduced Its First Imaging Chip Surge C1


Before now two days, we’ve seen so many new Xiaomi products that a few of them had been simply ignored. Within the second cycle of the spring convention, at present, Xiaomi introduced its second chip, known as the Surge C1.

At present, it is vitally essential for smartphone makers to understand the core expertise – chips. In this sense, although the Surge C1 doesn’t make Xiaomi independent, it deserves an extra-rigid attitude. Furthermore, we must always point out that it’s Xiaomi’s first professional imaging chip.

In 2017, Xiaomi launched the first Surge chip, the Surge S1. It was used in a few Xiaomi smartphones. Nevertheless, it had no follow-ups. So many even forgot about Xiaomi’s efforts in this area.

Surge C1 Provides Enhanced Imaging

Not like the Surge S1, the Surge C1 is an ISP chip. Thus, it’s an independent smartphone imaging chip. It uses self-developed ISP + self-developed algorithms to assist smartphones in performing extra refined and advanced 3A processing.

This 3A refers to AF focusing, AWB white balance, and AE automated exposure. The Surge C1 with dual filters can manage parallel processing of extreme and low-frequency signs. Consequently, the sign processing effectivity is elevated by 100%. Total, the 3A efficiency is drastically improved.

Typically speaking, the newly introduced Surge C1 ISP chip brings improvements in three areas:

  • Higher autofocus (AF) – drastically bettering the flexibility to deal with darkish mild, small objects and flat areas;
  • Extra correct white steadiness (AWB) – advanced combined ambient mild can also be utterly managed;
  • Extra correct automated publicity (AE) technique.
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The first smartphone sporting this chip is the Xiaomi MIX Fold. For such a giant carry it inside, there may be each purpose to assume we are going to see more smartphones from numerous categories to make use of it.

‘We wish to climb the high peak of innovative technologies … and we won’t stop our exploration (of chips),’ Lei Jun stated.


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