US Lawmakers Ask Google To Reconsider Relationship With Huawei

Five U.S. lawmakers signed an open letter calling for Google to reconsider its relationship with Huawei. The letter, spotted by FCW, to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, claims that the Huawei has “extensive” ties to the Chinese Communist Party and poses a risk to national security.

This move comes after Google decided to withdraw from its work with the United States Department of Defense, following a backlash from Mountain View employees. The lawmakers also used the withdraw to criticize Google.

“While we regret that Google did not want to continue a long and fruitful tradition of collaboration between military and technology companies, we are even more disappointed that Google apparently is more willing to support the Chinese Communist Party than the U.S. military,” said in the letter.

The open letter also mentioned recent reports of a former U.S. intelligence agent charged with spying for China, apparently using Huawei technology to communicate with his handlers.

The politicians concluded by saying they looked forward to hearing the rationale behind the decision to work with the Chinese brand but not the U.S. military.

Google hasn’t issued a full response yet but a representative told Reuters it doesn’t give partnered manufacturers special access to data.

“Like many U.S. companies, we have agreements with dozens of OEMs around the world, including Huawei. We do not provide special access to Google user data as part of these agreement (sic), and our agreements include privacy and security protections for use (sic) data,” the representative said.

The move marks the latest chapter in the U.S. government’s fight against Huawei. Tensions boiled over at CES 2018. We will update you about Google response to the letter and will update the article


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