Huawei Smartwatch 3 Could Store Bluetooth Earbuds

Huawei has filed a patent for a smartwatch that could store Bluetooth earbuds within the device. According to LetsGoDigital (via The Verge), the patent was approved on June 28 by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The patent shows three possible ways that a smartwatch can store earbuds. In two designs, the smartwatch has built-in slots that would store the earbuds: one where the earbuds are stored on either side of the watch face, and in second one they are stored on the strap under the wrist. The third design shows the earbuds placed in a case attached to the watch strap. It appears that this case would be removable.

Huawei Smartwatch earbuds

LetsGoDigital says earbuds would be waterproof and will feature active noise cancellation.

The patent suggests that smartwatch would have to be fairly thick to store the earbuds. Including a pair of noise-canceling bluetooth earbuds with a smartwatch will also increase the price of the Huawei watch compared to others.

Huawei released the Huawei Watch 2 in the US in April 2017. Earlier this year, Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed the company is working on a Huawei Watch 3, but there is no hurry to release it. A new, slightly upgraded version of the Huawei Watch 2 was released in China at the end of May.

Huawei received a patent for a smartwatch with touch-sensitive bezels, and for a gaming smartwatch earlier this year. These can be used for this smartwatch for finalizing product.

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