Huawei Reported to Prepare Kirin 1020 Chip

Huawei is third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world and thus needs to become less reliant for its hardware production outside the company. The in-house production bring the cost of devices down and help to compete in already saturated market. The latest news about an upcoming Kirin SoC is that it is going to compete with Qualcomm. We are not talking about the Kirin 980.

With its latest HiSilicon 970 chipset, the company gets closer to Qualcomm’s top of line chips, but still, the Kirin 970 isn’t on par with the Snapdragon 845 in terms of raw performance, although it brought world’s first AI chip on board. Sources say that the upcoming Kirin 980 will be able to compete with Qualcomm’s flagship chipset which would probably be the key selling point of the rumored Huawei Mate 20.

According to inside sources, the Chinese giant is preparing to launch an even more powerful Kirin 1020 chip that should offer double the performance of the Kirin 970.

Unfortunately, there is no other details leaked but the source claims that once the first 5G network launches, Huawei will be ready with the Kirin 1020’s mass production and the chipset will appear on company’s devices soon after. Huawei has already done innovation through its R&D Department in the last year till now. Huawei is quite serious in its claims to become number one smartphone maker. Even the Samsung’s Exynos has not shattered Qualcomm records. Let’s see if Huawei can do that with Kirin 1020.

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