Huawei Going to Launch Gaming, Foldable and 5G Smartphones Soon


aming phones are already becoming popular and foldable phones are going to be real in near future, Huawei announced it wants to be part of both with its own gaming and foldable smartphones.
According to GadgetMatch, Huawei consumer business president Jim Xu confirmed that the company will launch a gaming smartphone in the second half of 2018. The gaming phone will take advantage of the company’s new GPU Turbo tech, nothing else was said about the device.

Announced in June, GPU Turbo theoretically allows Huawei phones to play games without as much of the battery drainage as they typically see. The technology also increases GPU efficiency, reduces SoC power consumption, offers HDR gaming, and improves frame rates relative to competing smartphones.

GPU Turbo sounds impressive, but Huawei’s gaming phone already faces competition in the Razer Phone and Asus ROG Phone. Then again, Huawei has much more smartphone market share than Razer or Asus and can make its gaming phone more visible than the competitors.

Xu also confirmed that Huawei will launch a foldable smartphone in 2019. Even in the foldable Smartphone segment, Huawei would face some competition. Samsung’s plans for a foldable phone are not a secret at this point, though Huawei could undercut its rival in the pricing department.

Huawei also has plans to release 5G-capable solutions, chips, and smartphones in 2019. The company is very busy at the instant, though its efforts could catapult it past Apple

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