How To Fix Can’t Communicate With Google Server in Huawei/Honor Phones?

Huawei phones are deprived off from Google Services from last year. But Huawei is still selling its smartphones in masses. Since the launch of first phone mate 30 Pro without GMS, various methods have been used for sideloading GMS. Google updated its apps from time to time and fixed the loopholes to make it difficult to sideload apps on Huawei phones. The most recent problem is the error “Can’t communicate with Google Server” while logging in to Google Account. I’m going to share the solution to this error here although I have posted a new method [How To]Install Google Services/Play Store(GMS) On Huawei/Honor Phones with the fix but if you are getting this error and following my old guide here you will include this fix to login. 


Here you have to download GAM fixed apk from button below:

Download GAM Fix

Step By Step Guide To Fix Can’t Communicate With Google Server

  • First you need to understand what is the problem. The problem is with Google Account Manager app that we are using previously.
  • If you are following my old guide this one Install Google Services/Play Store(GMS) On Huawei/Honor Phones then you will get the error. As you have already download main file you can download the fix from above and follow this guide.
  • But if are following new guide this one:EMUI 10.1  then you need to follow all the guidelines there. No need to read this tutorial. 
  • Now moving to fix guide only.
  • First you need to do everything as in old guide until you install number 6 APK.
  • Install 1-5 APKs as usual but instead of 6th APK install the GAM Fixed apk you downloaded from above.
  • Now go to settings and add Google account and choose Existing Account.
  • On this screen you will 3 Dots at the upper right corner. Press this and choose browser Sign in.
  • Now you will add your account and proceed to sign in. But you will still get can’t communicate with Google server. You should ignore it and go to home screen.
  • Now install APK #7.
  • Open play store and you will see your account logged in there.
  • Now go to settings > app > search Google Account Manager > Force stop it and uninstall.
  • Open Play store and you will be logged in there.
  • Now Play Protect error will start popping up. Just proceed with the old guide of Error resolving.
  • When you stop getting error after installing APK #9, you can install Google account Manager again.
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The two guides will work side by side for EMUI 10.0. If you are getting error with LZ Play you need to follow new guide for EMUI 10.1.

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