Twenty Seven APK v1.10 Download

Twenty Seven APK v1.10 Download

Description of Twenty Seven

Twenty Seven APK v1.10 Download

This app enables people to play five playing card games. In these games, players don’t play against each other; and they don’t co-operate. The only competition is the dealer. This app enables you to act as the player and your mobile device to act as the dealer.

Upon starting the app, the app first prompts the player to choose a playing card design. After the player chooses a playing card design , opening credits are shown and theme music plays. After about twenty seconds, a new page opens. However, the player can press the “Play Now” button and the new page will open immediately.

On the new page, the app displays a deck of cards spread face up across the surface of a table. Beneath the deck of cards, a set of five buttons appear. The five buttons enable the player to “select a game” from a group of games consisting of a 21-24-27 game, a poker-like game, a blackjack-like game, a baccarat-like game, and a no-bust game.

After the player selects a game, the app provides a graphic representation of a playing surface. On the playing surface, the app identifies a player’s hand area and a dealer’s hand area. The name of the family of games is written across the dealer’s hand area. A summary of the set of game rules is written across the player’s hand area.

Beneath this playing surface, a set of buttons appear. The “Show Rules” button enables the player to display the rules of the game in written form at any time. The other buttons enable the player to play the game. The app automatically enables and disables buttons depending on what actions or options are valid at any point.

0n the right side is a set of text boxes. From top to bottom, the set of text boxes displays info about the dealer’s hand value, the round number, the time spent playing the game, the player’s hand value, the bet box amount, the outcome of the round of play, the bet amount, and the player’s bankroll amount. The app updates the info displayed in these text boxes as needed.

Beneath the set of text boxes, is a check box with the phrase “Play Sounds” next to it. The app plays various sounds. To mute the sounds, the player can uncheck the box.

A drop down menu enables the player to change the bet amount between rounds of play. Touching the text box that displays info about the bet amount activates the drop down menu. To begin a round of the baccarat-like game, the player places a bet (by hitting a button selected from a group of buttons consisting of the “Bet On Player” button, the “Bet On Dealer” button, and the “Bet On Push” Button). To begin a round of the other games, the player places a bet by hitting the “Deal” button.

After a bet is placed, the dealer deals an initial hand to the player’s hand area and an initial hand to the dealer’s hand area. After the initial hands are dealt, the dealer plays the player’s hand. In the baccarat-like game, the dealer does so without input from the player. In the other games, the dealer plays the player’s hand a certain way under certain circumstances and otherwise the dealer consults with the player for a decision on how to play the player’s hand. If the dealer does consult with the player, then a set of buttons appears. The set of buttons enables the player to select an option from a set of options. The set of buttons include a “Hit” button and a “Stand” button. In the blackjack-like game, the set of buttons may also include a “Double Down” button, a “Split” button, and a “Surrender” button.

Points are totaled for each card in a hand. Face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) count respectively as 11, 12, and 13. Aces can be high or low. High Ace counts as 14. Low Ace counts as 1. Jokers count as either 0 or any number of points required to make a total of 27. Players attempt to acquire a hand of cards with a numerical sum value that is as close to the target of 27 as is possible. The dealer must play the dealer’s hand in accordance with a predetermined strategy that is specified by the rules.
In this release, two of my earlier apps, Finnish 27 ™ and Big Slick ™ are merged into one app. People will now be able to play both from a single app !!! The earlier apps enabled people to play four different table-card games. The new app enables people to play the same four table-card games plus a new table-card game. The new table-card game is called 21-24-27.

App Information of Twenty Seven

App Name Twenty Seven v1.10
Genre Card, Games
Latest Version1.10
Get it On Google Play
UpdateFebruary 8, 2020
Package Namecom.Finnish27.App3
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