Minnesota Whist APK 1.3.0 Download

Minnesota Whist APK 1.3.0 Download

Description of Minnesota Whist

Minnesota Whist APK 1.3.0 Download

A Partnership Whist game for your smartphone or tablet. Free to play. Track your Stats. Take on smart AIs.

Minnesota Whist is a variant of whist that is popular in Minnesota and South Dakota. It’s a partnership game but unlike other whist variants it does not have trumps.

The aim of Minnesota Whist differs depending on whether the hand is a “high bid” or a “low bid”. For high bids, the aim is to collect seven or more of the thirteen tricks. For low bids, the aim is to collect six or fewer tricks.

Minnesota Whist is a simple partnership trick-taking card game perfect for building your card skills. Develop your strategic thinking and teamwork while you unwind with this fun and fast-paced game.

Work with your AI partner to outwit your opponents in this fast and fun card game. Whist is a great game for learning trick-taking games of all types. Grow your skill and turn the difficulty up to hard when you’re ready for a challenge!

To win, you must work with your AI partner to outwit your opponents and be the first partnership to reach the win target, either 13 or seven.

Make sure to track your all time and session stats to follow your improvement as you learn!

Customise Whist to make it the perfect game for you!
● Choose your preferred win target
● Choose to play with a “set bonus”
● Choose between easy, medium or hard mode
● Choose normal or fast play
● Play in landscape or portrait mode
● Turn single click play on or off
● Sort cards in ascending or descending order

You can also customise your color themes and card decks to choose from to keep the landscape interesting!

Quickfire Rules:
After the cards are dealt evenly between four players, each player bids either high (a black card), or low (a red card). Each bid card is revealed one by one starting left of the dealer. The player who bid the first black card turned over is said to have ‘granded’ and the round is played ‘high’ (teams try to win as many tricks as possible). No other cards are turned over after the first black card. If all of the bid cards are red, the game is played ‘low’ (teams try to win as few tricks as possible).

In a high bid round, the player to the right of the player who granded leads the first trick. In a low bid round, the player to the left of the dealer leads the first trick. Each player then plays one card in turn, following suit if they can. If they cannot follow suit, they may play any other card in their hand. The player who plays the highest card matching the suit of the led card in the trick wins the trick. The player who wins the previous trick leads the next trick.

At the end of each round, points are scored by the number of tricks each partnership has collected. In a high bid round, a point is awarded to the team who granded for every trick taken over 6. If the team who granded fail to make 7 tricks, the other team are awarded either 1 or 2 points per trick taken over 6 depending on the ‘set bonus’ setting. In a low bid round, a team is awarded 1 point per trick taken less than 7.
Thank you for playing Minnesota Whist! This version includes:
– Stability and performance improvements

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App Name Minnesota Whist v1.3.0
Genre Card, Games
Latest Version1.3.0
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UpdateApril 12, 2022
Package Namecom.coppercod.minnesotaWhist
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