Dinocore season 5(full version) APK 1.17 Download

Dinocore season 5(full version) APK 1.17 Download

Description of Dinocore season 5(full version)

Dinocore season 5(full version) APK 1.17 Download

Rex, the core warrior who protects the earth!
Dinotuner I picked up by accident!
A dinosaur car called Tyrannosaurus was summoned and several dinosaur cars were merged!
Summon and coalesce cores quickly with the Dino Tuner to block the Mecha Dinos.

▶︎ About character
1. Rex
A young boy who loves dinosaurs so much.
One day, feeling great joy that he became a ‘hero’ who protects the earth.
Together with the DinoCore, he protects the Earth from the Darkno.

2.Akan Wel
Baryon’s only heir
He has a somewhat cold attitude and tone of voice.

He disappeared while coming through the portal, but 10 years earlier than the main characters.
Arrived on the planet Dino and reunited with Rex and the others in a grown-up form.

Princess of Dino Planet.
Defeat enemies by transforming the stick on their back into a hammer during battle.

An and innocent Spino tribe boy helping Rex and the others
Follow Rex like a master.

A cold-blooded Dino Hunter aiming at the Dragon Stone.
He was an ordinary Dino tribe, but his body is changing into a Mecha Dino due to dark energy.

Obtain all of the Galaxy Stones to restore the existing body and strength,
He begins to carry out the darkening of all the universe, which he had longed for.

8.Kaya Little
The Galaxy Stone is stolen and it turns into a small body
Next to Rex and Akan to help them with the information they know

By absorbing the Galaxy Stone, it has changed into a more powerful form than its original form.
It doesn’t belong anywhere and shows an ambition to surpass the Cosmosaurus.

10.Tyranno Core
Leader of Dinocores with a strong military spirit.
He often tells Rex about the work of a Dinostar or how to use the Dinotuner.

11.Saber Cord
A core that is fast, strong, and has an urgent personality.
I need to kill the villain Darkno quickly, but I don’t want to admit that the Dinomaster is a child.

12.Stego Core
Indecisive and timid, but strong.
A conflict arises between Saber, who does not recognize the Dino Master, and Tyranno, who must trust the Master unconditionally..

13.Kerato Core
Leader of Dinocores with a strong mind
Teach Rex the Dino Star’s work and how to use the Dino Tuner.

14.Mammoth Core
Attacks using shock waves.
Bill finds a lost memory and hires him as a delivery car for Sunsun Pizza.

15.Tri Cord
New Core of Spatial Characteristics.
young and naive
When the spaceship crash-landed, it fell alone and came back after hearing a rumor.

Combines with the D-saber to transform into an ultra D-saber.

Combines with the core to transform into a D-saber

18.Ultimate King Dino
The strongest robot that combines Tyranno, Tree, Chrono, and Dragon

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To allow the permission, you need to reinstall the app after upgrading.
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App Information of Dinocore season 5(full version)

App Name Dinocore season 5(full version) v1.17
Genre Apps, Entertainment
Latest Version1.17
UpdateOctober 25, 2021
Package Namecom.tuban.dinocore5_en

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