Climb Max APK 8.2 Download

Climb Max APK 8.2 Download

Description of Climb Max

Climb Max APK 8.2 Download

Grapple your way to the top of the world with Climb Max!

Climb Max is about climbing to the top. The top of the highest peak, that is. Humans have always been fascinated by extreme and challenging environments. Mountains are revered to be a holy place as some cultures look at mountain peaks as the closest point to the heavens. Mountain peaks are also seen as the final challenge that tests the human’s will and strength to conquer a perilous environment. The harsh winds, the bone chilling weather and the oxygen poor air.

We want you to experience all that thrill in Climb Max. Dangerous climbing conditions, high stakes, and satisfying rewards! Climb Max is a vertical arcade game about climbing up to the highest peak. Use your trusty grappling hook and start making your way up. The gameplay is fairly simple. All you have to do is get your grappling hook to attach itself to the platform above. The more hooks you land, the higher you climb. Rack up the meters with each successive hook and stack up your points!

To keep this arcade game challenging, you’ll find that the journey to the top won’t be as easy. As you get higher, you’ll notice that the upcoming platforms are now moving and behaving in erratic ways. Plan your hook throws ahead of time to catch the moving platforms. You get three tries before your run ends! On the bright side, your 3 chances will automatically reset every time you make the next platform. Here’s another tip: the grappling hook will attach to the platform even if it hits the platform on the way back. So, even though you miss your initial shot, you still have a chance for it to hook the platform on its way back. Time your hooks!

As you climb to the top, of each significant height that you make, you can find interesting snippets of mountain facts in Asia. Learn about interesting facts, including myths and folklore about Asia’s highest peaks. Add more mountain names to your general knowledge!

Game Features

Reach Everest 🌄🧗‍♂️
It is the tallest peak that exists in our world. Everest is the final destination in Climb Max. To reach the height of Everest. Reach to the top and unlock a special skin for your achievement. The climb will not be easy, and you’re going to go through multiple runs before you get the perfect run to the top. Good luck!

Unlockable Skins🔑🔓

Customize your arcade gaming experience by unlocking skins in the game’s store. From quirky to pop culture references, we have skins that will add to your gaming experience. From the Indiana Jones getup to astronaut, unlock them all by collecting flags as you make your climb to the top and spend them in the shop. The final mystery skin can only be unlocked once you have conquered Everest. Start your climb!

Learn Mountain Facts🗻📖

Click on the side pop up that will occasionally show up and present you with cool and interesting mountain facts. Learn about mountains around Asia and enrich your geographical knowledge of this region. We’ve also included folklore and myths that surround a few of the mentioned mountains. Who knows, it might come in handy on a quiz night in the future!

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App Information of Climb Max

App Name Climb Max v8.2
Genre Arcade, Games
Latest Version8.2
UpdateFebruary 14, 2022
Package Namecom.MasonGames.ClimbMax

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