ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム APK 1.20.0 Download

ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム APK 1.20.0 Download

Description of ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム

ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム APK 1.20.0 Download











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『ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム』は、基本プレイ無料の戦略シミュレーションゲームですが、ゲーム内には一部有料で購入するアイテムが存在します。アイテムおよびユーザープライバシー ポリシーに基づき、『ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム』をプレイするには年齢が3 歳以上である必要があります。
In nature, wars are always frequent for survival and prosperity. Here you are the leader of the Ali clan. Use your intelligence to build an “anthill”. Lead the Queen Ali to form an anthill and strengthen the anthill to resist foreign enemies. Show your strategy and make full use of your wisdom for the survival of the ants!

Game features

“Building an anthill”

The anthill, worthy of being called a “castle,” provides a safe growth environment for eggs and offspring. The anthill is the cornerstone of building an ant kingdom. Let’s scientifically dig a tunnel and stretch the corridor to create the ideal anthill!

“Increase the ant clan”

The number of ants determines the prosperity of the ant clan. It is important to increase as many ants as possible for the development and prosperity of the ant clan. Let’s resist foreign enemies, scramble for resources, and expand your power with the proliferated Ali clan!
“Abnormal ants”

You need to organize a mighty ant corps to steal resources and expand your power. The corps should be led not only by high-tier soldier ants, but also by “specialized ants” that hatch from anomalous eggs. Various ants with special abilities are born from the abnormal egg, depending on the environment of the hatchery. The battle between soldier ants and specialized ants will destroy your enemies with the force of a smashing ant!

“Formation of an alliance”

When it’s difficult to challenge alone, choosing like-minded people is the fastest way to success. By forming or participating in an alliance, you can develop with your alliance friends and subdue your enemies. With the help of the Alliance, your ant clan will be at the top of the world!

If you have any problems, you can contact us through the following channels. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Official LINE: @theantsjp (please add “@” when searching)
Official FB homepage:
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“The Ants: Underground Kingdom” is a strategy simulation game that is free to play, but there are some items that can be purchased for a fee in the game. Based on the Item and User Privacy Policy, you must be at least 3 years old to play The Ants: Underground Kingdom.
At the same time, you need an accessible network device.



App Information of ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム

App Name ザ・アンツ:アンダーグラウンド キングダム v1.20.0
Genre Games, Strategy
Latest Version1.20.0
UpdateApril 11, 2022
Package Namecom.allstarunion.ta.jp

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