10 Best Guns in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game right now. From its launch to until now, it has broken all the records and became the most popular game. During the COVID-19 lockdown, PUBG Mobile added $200 million to the Tencent revenue and it continues to grow. In this post, I’m going to list the top 10 guns to use in PUBG Mobile to win the Chicken Dinner Title.


Groza is the best weapon in the PUBG Mobile. This Assault Rifle is found in Airdrops only. You might say that AWM is the best, but AWM is a sniper rifle and not all players can use this. Moreover, AWM can only be used for long-range fights, there can be hardly any player who is trained to use it in close range fights.

Groza has the second-highest fire rate among the ARs just behind the M416. But it gives damage of 49. Groza only comes with a scope and magazine attachment slots and a unique muzzle slot that can only equip a suppressor. It is a very stable gun and does not recoil and sway too much. It holds a regular magazine of 30 bullets of 7.62mm, which can be extended to 40 bullets with an extended mag.


The AWM is the most potent gun in PUBG mobile. But it is beaten by Groza because of its notably situational use. This gun is very incompetent in close range, but it is the leader of long-range warfare. It uses a special .300mm magnum rounds which are only found along with the gun in air-drop crates. It has a damage of 120 which means it can kill anyone with one headshot and only the level 3 armour has a chance of keeping the enemy alive at full health with a body shot.

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This extremely powerful weapon has the longest range of all in the PUBG mobile but it comes with extremely high reload and animation time. It is recommended that players be accurate with their shots. It also has a magazine that holds 5 bullets but can be extended to 7.


The M416 is surely the best AR that is easily available in the PUBG Mobile. It comes third in the list beating out the AUG because of its availability and efficient use in the close and long-range. It uses a lot of adjustments, including scope, muzzle, grip, magazine, and stock. This gun has the highest fire rate among all the assault rifles in the game.

Groundless to say, this is a favourite among all the players in the game. It has a damage of 43. It holds a standard magazine of 30 bullets that can be extended to 40.

When it is fully equipped with attachments few will beat an M416 in most situations. It is capable of hard damage and has some of the simplest to control recoil for those who like to sprinkle.


This is a monster of a gun which is an LMG and can only be found in airdrops. The M249 is efficient in long-range and remarkably powerful in close range. It has the potential to knock out, whole teams, without having to reload. The M249 has a damage of 45 and each magazine can hold 100 rounds of 5.56mm ammo. It comes with no slots for a magazine, muzzle and but only a scope.


The DP28 is a highly under-rated gun on PUBG Mobile. It is a personal favourite as its exceptional for close-range combat and highly stable for long-range shots as well. It deals damage of 51 on a single shot. It also comes with a stand so recoil is almost none in the prone position. It is not widely available in all maps but with the new Livik map, it is easily available and a lot of players use it along with M416.

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The AKM, a modification of the popular AK-47 in the PUBG Mobile. It is one of the most commonly found rifles and is very potent. People using this gun can make for any scary enemies because there is only one other fully auto AR that can match the damage 49. But with the high damage also gets the difficulty of high recoil. And there is only a muzzle slot available to repress that. Those who use a compensator on it to control the recoil will be able to knock down enemies wearing level 3 armour with five shots, and level 3 helmets with two shots. It holds a standard magazine of 30 bullets, which can be extended to 40 with an additional mag.


This deadly rifle is a more powerful version of the Kar98 and it has higher range and damage. It is punched out by the AKM simply because the AKM is more accessible, and is usable for long and close range. It has a damage of 79 and a higher range than the Kar98. The sniper is also a bolt action rifle and has a magazine of 5 bullets which can be extended to 7. It comes with slots for a cheek pad, magazine, muzzle and a scope.


This is one of another AR that uses 7.62mm ammo with an auto-mode that is easily available on the maps. M726 is an unusual attachment gun like the SCAR-L. It can use a scope, muzzle, grip, and magazine for modification. In its stock format, it has higher recoil than the AKM, and less damage as well at 47 per bullet. However the stability of the gun is much better than AKM with all the modifications, and it even has a higher fire rate. The gun holds a standard magazine of 30 bullets, which can be extended to 40.

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9.Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98)

The Karabiner 98 Kurz or the Kar98 is the most basic bolt action sniper rifle in the game. It is the most popular one since its availability is the most. This is a very primary bolt action rifle which uses 7.62mm ammo to do 75 damage which is the third-highest among all rifles in the PUBG Mobile The high damage is evened out by a very small magazine capacity which can’t be extended and the next bullet needs to be loaded using bolt action which gives it an extremely low rate of fire.

It has a long-range which is less than the M24 and AWM but higher than most other guns. It comes with slots for a cheek pad or bullet loops which makes reloading quicker, a muzzle slot and a scope slot. The suppressor is the only reasonable attachment for bolt action snipers because the recoil is not an issue with these guns.


The Mk14 is the best among all the DMRs because it has does the most damage and even has an automatic mode. The Mk14 is only available inside air-drop crates in the PUBG Mobile which makes it an extremely rare gun. It has a damage of 61 and the longest range among all the DMRs that use 7.62mm ammo. It has high recoil especially in the auto mode which can be reduced using attachments. It has slots for a cheek pad, magazine, muzzle and scope. It also comes with a bipod which stabilizes the gun when shooting while prone. It holds a standard magazine of 10 bullets, which can be extended to 20.

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